Finale of the 2015 Draft

 As you may know, the Cardinals drafted twenty-nine players on Wednesday. I took you through the first fourteen of them here. I’ll tell you all about the final fifteen now! 

1. Kyle Molnar- Pitcher  

  Kyle is a right handed pitcher from Aliso Niguel High School. Through his 288 inning-long high school career, he has posted a 1.80 ERA. He has held opponents to a .209 batting average. 

2. Brennan Leitao- Pitcher  

Brennan is a right handed pitcher from Sacramento State. Over 398 innings, he has struck out 226 batters. 

3. Mitchell Traver- Pitcher 

 Mitchell is a right handed picture from Texas Christian University. He has held batters to a .179 batting average over seventy-three innings. 

4. Ben Yokley- Pitcher  

 Ben is a right handed pitcher from the United States Air Force Academy. Through his 122 innings of work, he has “K-ed” 137 batters. 

5. Matt Vierling-  Pitcher     

 Matt is a right handed pitcher from Christian Brothers College High School. In 2015 (forty-four innings), he put up an earned run average of 2.07 with fifty-six strikeouts. 

6. Aaron Coates- Pitcher/Outfielder  

  Aaron is an outfielder and a pitcher from Glasgow High School. Unfortunately, I was unable to find his statistics from the pitching mound. I was, however, able to find hits hitting numbers. In his high school games, he batted .467 with an on base percentage of .600. He has a fielding percentage of .962. 

7. Thomas Spitz- Outfielder 

Thomas is an outfielder from Wingate Univeristy. In his carreer, he has hit seventeen home runs and drove in seventy-seven. He has batted .372. 

8. Chandler Hawkins- Pitcher  

Chandler is a left handed pitcher from Arkansas State University. In his 201 innings of work, he has struck out 173 batters. Over that time, he has only allowed seventeen long balls. 

9. Parker Kelly- Pitcher  

Parker is a right handed pitcher from Westview High School. This season, he posted an earned run average of 2.13 over 26.1 innings. He hit .365 this season. Fun fact for you: He is Carson Kelly’s younger brother. Carson Kelly is currently a catcher in the Cardinals’ organization. 

10. Luke Harrison- Pitcher 

Luke is a right handed pitcher from Indiana University. In his time there, he had a 2.86 ERA over 167 innings. He struck out 174. 

 11. Dylan Tice- Second Baseman  

 Dylan is a second baseman from West Chester University. In his 169 game-long career, he has 215 hits. 

12. Stephen Zavala- Catcher  


Stephen is a catcher from Whittier College. In 2015, he batted .301 with three homers. He had 18 RBI and scored thirty-two runs. 

13. Orlando Olivera- Outfielder 

Orlando is an outfielder from Missouri Baptist. In his time there, he hit .421. This season, he hit .395 with twenty dingers. 

14. RJ Dennard- First Baseman 

 RJ is a first baseman from Armstrong State University. In his time there, he hit .292 with twelve home runs. 

15. Joey Hawkins- Shortstop 


Joey is a shortstop from Missouri State University. This year, he hit .262 with 28 RBI. He is also a solid fielder. He had a .976 fielding percentage and turned a whopping 36 double plays. 

Thanks for reading! 

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