Cardinals win series over Mets, two games with White Sox up next

The Cardinals took two of three from the Mets this weekend. A series that featured a bit of it all, the ups and the downs. I’ll take you through it now, or what I know anyway.. Enjoy!

Matt Holliday.. (Wait, sorry, I’m getting emotional. Okay, I’m good to go.) Matt Holliday was *finally* activated off of the disabled list! Haha, you lose this time, quad! Well, maybe you did win.. But whatever! LHP Nick Greenwood was shipped back to the Triple-A Redbirds. Number seven would get the start in his regular left field spot and bat third in his reemergence in game one on Friday evening. Without further ado, the series with the Mets!
One man’s (team’s) trash (offense) is another man’s (team’s) treasure (win). True statement. In game one of the series, the Mets wasted a great pitching outing from “Thor”, Noah Syndergaard, but the Cardinals would not let the same thing be made of Lance Lynn’s quality outing. Noah pitched seven innings of two-run baseball, one of those runs creds. to Jhonny Peralta’s fourteenth bomb of the season, only to be let down in the W-L column later on by a poor offense. Lance pitched seven innings too but only one run was surrendered- a leadoff homer to Curtis Granderson. St. Louis won the ballgame by a score that seems far too familiar in MLB, 3-2.

Trevor Rosenthal, the Cardinal closer who sat out of the All-Star action due to a sore throwing arm, was able to secure save number twenty-seven Friday night. It wasn’t easy, but, thirty-three pitches later, here we are! I’m assuming that Rosey will be out of commission for game two and possibly three, taking into consideration the soreness he’s been facing. So, if there is a save situation on Saturday or Sunday, will Sam Tuivailala close things out? Kevin Siegrist? Lord knows!

Game two of the series ended up being far from a save situation. The ballgame was started by two guys who’ve been around the block a few times- John Lackey and Bartolo Colon. The Cardinals scored a dozen runs against the Metropolitans, coming in three increments of four. Seven of the twelve were scored off of Bartolo. Randal Grichuk is held accountable for half of those runs, six, as he went 3-for-3 with two homers. Jason Heyward went 5-for-5 to up his average .288 on the season (As of Saturday, following the game.). He exited the game in the eighth after hitting for the fifth time with what was later thought to be nothing more than a hamstring cramp. Given the brutal heat in the ‘Lou this time of year, the cramp is explainable. And, also, he probably would’ve exited the game with or without a cramp anyway with the large lead. John Lackey had plenty of wiggle room in this start, but he failed to use it to its advantage. John pitcher seven innings and held New York to one run. The final score ended up being 12-2, which gave the Cards a chance to sweep on Sunday.

Though it wasn’t a save situation, Sam Tuivailala pitched in the ninth inning of game two. Including that performance, he has pitched four seemingly-perfect innings out of the St. Louis ‘pen since being recalled back on July eleventh. He has struck out four batters, allowed zero hits, and has walked a guy. It’s a small sample size, I understand, but if he continues to put up numbers like this we’re in for a treat! Especially with a bullpen that’ll be improving soon with the returns of Jordan Walden and Matt Belisle.

The third and final game of this series turned out to be one lengthy pitching duel. It was started by Tim Cooney and Jon Niese, a pair of lefties. The game was a heartbreaker for the St. Louis faithful. Eighteen innings later the Cards lost 3-1. Thirty nine runners were left stranded by both teams combined and if that doesn’t make your head pound nothing will. Kolten Wong homered in the thirteenth inning following the Mets run in the top half. The game remained tied, 1-1, until the Mets were able to “break out” in the top of the eighteenth. Carlos Martinez was pitching, yeah, the guy originally scheduled to start Tuesday. They scored two runs, one on a sacrifice fly and the other on a bunt..

Since Carlos pitched four innings (upwards of seventy pitches) in game three, he will not be starting in Chicago. At least I hope not. Michael Wacha will pitch Tuesday I assume. I recommend checking back to social media to get all of the news regarding the impending situations. Or, follow me on Twitter (@Curtis_Josey), as I will retweet any news.

A quick pair of games will be played versus the White Sox this week. Like I said, I assume Wacha will start for the ‘birds. Carlos Rodon will pitch for Chicago.

Thanks for reading!


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