August’s UCB Project: Affiliate Night

*Monthly, thoughout the Major League Baseball season, the group of United Cardinal Bloggers participates in projects. The project for August was to brainstorm an idea for a theme night.

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself more than just an average fan. I haven’t missed a game since, Lord, I can’t remember. I’ve typed summaries of every game this season if that tells you anything. I can often be found hunched over a scorecard on any given game just scoring away. But there’s one thing I’d like to change about my fandom. I’m not really as sharp when it comes to the Cardinals’ farm system as I would like to be. Sure, I know some of the top prospects. Alex Reyes and Magneuris Sierra, for say, are names I hear and speak often. I’m talking about the guys who don’t quite crack the common top-prospect list. So, I came up with this..

One night in the 2016 season, the Cardinals have an affiliate-themed game. Fans may purchase special tickets to receive a cap or t-shirt featuring a Cardinals’ Minor League team of their choice because, you know, fans love getting new gear. Team Fredbird could select a fan from the crowd to participate in a quiz game. That fan would be told a few facts about a particular Minor Leaguer but not the player’s name. Then, if the fan can correctly guess the player, he or she would receive an autograph from that player. That’s just the beginning.

If the scheduling would allow it, the Cardinals could cordially invite some of the prospects and fresh draftees to the game. They could have a short pregame ceremony on the field to demonstrate who the player is and what rung of the farm system they play at. Maybe bring the mascots of the Minor League teams? That’d be something! In the Ford Plaza prior to the game, some prospects could sign for the fans.

Rather it can be done or not is yet to be determined. Like I said, the whole players attending the game thing would have to be weaved around through their schedules. If it could be done, though, I’d love to see it happen! It would give fans, such as myself, a look into the farm system and potentially boost the ticket sales of the Minor League teams. It’s a win-win!

Thanks for reading!

Twitter: @Curtis_Josey


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