Part 2 of 2: UCB Awards

It’s time for UCB awards! The UCB members and fans have been voting for who they feel is deserving of each award. There are blogging and player awards, eighteen in all. To see the awards up for grabs (and vote!), click on the ballot link here. Voting will conclude on Friday, November 20th. If you’d like to see my choices for the On-Field Awards, click here. Otherwise, continue reading to see my picks for the Blog Awards..

10. Cardinal Blog of the Year, One Writer– Redbird Dugout , Jon Doble

Jon knows how to bring it. In each post, he dishes out a topic and really fires away at it. He’s a fan of statistics, as am I. He uses a perfect amount of them in each post, not too many but enough to get the point out. I really enjoyed his piece on relievers and whether or not they should pitch on consecutive days. If you haven’t read that, I highly suggest you do. Link:

11. Cardinal Blog of the Year, Two or More Writers– Viva El Birdos

Viva El Birdos is a great site to visit daily if you’re a Cardinals fan that enjoys deep analysis and modern statistics. From prospect talks to thought-provoking subjects that some sites may refrain from digging into, VEB features all of that and more. That’s the reason why it’s one of my favorite sites and why it’s my choice for this award.

12. Best Media Coverage– Jenifer Langosch

Jenifer Langosch is a fantastic reporter. If there’s breaking news, you better believe that Jen will have an article posted that’s jam-packed with details and explanations as to how it will impact the team going forward. She’s always tweeting out bits of information during games, too. As someone who is striving to be a beat writer in the future, having Jenifer as a role model is something I cherish.

13. Best Rookie Blog– Me and Willie McGee

I enjoy reading Chuck’s posts for a couple of reasons. One reason is that he gets to the point and isn’t afraid to. The other reason is his use of statistics. Stats are beginning to mean much more to me when it comes to player evaluation, so seeing articles that also uses them is pretty sweet. 

14. Post of the Year– In Defense of Mike Matheny, KSDK 

Dan and I share very similar thoughts when it comes to the Cardinal skipper. As mentioned in his post, Mike Matheny is blamed for every loss. He’s even blamed in losses where he couldn’t have done much to change a thing. Mike’s a manager, and his job is to manage this team to the best of his ability. And I get that. He’s had his fair share of questionable pitching changes and missed opportunities on the bases. Who hasn’t? He can’t go out and throw for a struggling pitcher or hit for a slumping batter, though. In the grand scheme of things, games are won and lost by the players on the playing field. A manager can only remove and place players into a ballgame. He can’t go out and play.

15. Best UCB Podcast– Bird Seeds (video cast)

Bird Seeds is something that I drop what I am doing to watch. I really enjoy how Tara breaks down news stories throughly and manages to do so in around ten minutes. Tara is informative and witty. That makes Bird Seeds a must-watch. 

16. Best Non-UCB Podcast– St. Louis Cardinals Extras (

Just by reading a post or two of hers, it’s pretty evident that Jenifer Langosch is a great reporter. She is pretty great at providing information verbally, too. I enjoyed listening to her and Dave Raymond of throughout the 2015 season. Jenifer and Dave discuss hot topics that regard the Cardinals and do so in roughly ten minutes. 

17. Best Cardinal Podcaster– Tara Wellman

Go back and reread number fifteen if you’re still in need of reasoning. 

18. Best Cardinal Twitterer– Dan Buffa (@buffa82)

While I am scrolling through my Twitter feed during a Cardinals game, it’s pretty easy to differentiate Mr. Buffa’s tweets from those of some others without having to look at the username. His tweets during games feature common sense, a simple but not-so-simple thing that seems challenging for many users of social media. He knows what’s going on and doesn’t start any rumors. He tells games like he sees them, and he sees them in a sensible and respectable fashion. 

The winners of each award are expected to be announced on Wednesday, November 25th, in a special edition of UCB Radio. 

Thanks for reading!

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